We offer for you a complex dental treatment. After the dental examination and on the basis of the panorama X-ray, we give an offer to you for an extensive treatment plan with correct treatment costs.

Dental hygiene and cosmetic dentistry

  • Scale and polishing
  • intraoral power jet cleaning
  • plaque removal
  • professional cleaning
  • tooth whitening
  • tooth jewellery

Conservative dentistry

  • tooth extraction
  • tooth fillings
  • sealing
  • root canal treatment


  • inlays, onlays
  • porcelain veneers
  • porcelain crowns / bridges
  • fixed or removable dentures
  • removable prosthetics
    • plastic
    • metal based

Oral Surgery

  • tooth extraction
  • tooth extrusion
  • root resection
  • cyst operations
  • closing the maxillary sinus (when opened during tooth extraction)
  • implant placement
  • bone augmentation
  • bone block
  • sinus lift
  • bone replacement from hip bone