About pain-free controlled analgesia

Sedation dentistry is a method employed by a dentist to perform dental treatment on a patient in an environment that's stress and anxiety free. It's a way for dentists to help patients overcome common dental phobias that people usually have. Many people neglect going to the dentist, or getting their teeth taken care of because of this phobia. Often, dental problems are left unattended till the very last moment when extreme treatment measures are needed. Through sedation dentistry, patients are able to undergo dental treatments without any of the fear and anxiety that accompanies the treatment. Moreover, sedation dentistry reduces the number of visits required for dental treatment to just a couple of sessions. Sedation dentistry can be used to correct almost any kind of dental condition.

What is sedation?

Sedation is a procedure that makes use of sedative medications, to produce a relaxed experience for the patient, enabling the dentist to perform dental procedures. Sedation dentistry is sometime erroneously referred to as sleep dentistry. This term, however, is not the fullest meaning of sedation, because the medications you receive don't exactly put you to sleep, although you are likely to feel sleepy while under sedation. Sedation dentistry is different from general anesthesia, which leads to a deeper state of sleep.

Who is eligible for sedation dentistry?

Any person who is in need of dental treatment, either for health or cosmetic purposes, but has anxiety and fear about undergoing treatment, or has an extreme fear of needles is likely to benefit from sedation dentistry.